When is the Right Time to Buy?

We have come to think of homeownership as a quintessential part of the American Dream.  After all, owning a home is more than owning just any old object.  It’s way more than that.  We are often asked, “Is now the right time to buy?”  There are many factors that come into play before we can honestly answer that question, and in the end, only YOU can make that decision.  We all have different financial goal, and there are numerous way to accomplish these goals, real estate being one of them.  Americans have made A LOT of money from buying, selling and even holding onto real estate.  It’s a proven asset that has stood the test of time.  With this being said, purchasing real estate is like any other investment, there is risk involved and nobody wants to buy at the wrong time.  So, when is the “right time to buy?”  
The answer is, honestly, very simple, and hopefully, an insightful way for you to look at your next purchase and deciding if the time is right for you or not.

~ It’s your time to BUY when….IT MAKES SENSE FOR YOU.
~ It’s your time to WAIT when…..IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE FOR YOU.

Sounds a little too simple, right?  Keep this in mind; you may come across a great deal when it’s not the right time for you.  The key here is to understand that it’s ok to pass this great deal up if it’s not your right time to buy.  There are more deals out there, and you’ll find them when it’s your time to buy.  Great deals are put together every day!  Just because an opportunity arises, doesn’t mean the time is right for you right now. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.  Your family is different from theirs….your goals, your lifestyle, your incomes, your debt, your savings, etc…these things are all different for all of us.  Don’t feel pressured to buy because it’s what others are doing.  Plan for your future, don’t react.  Buy when it’s financially smart for you and you alone.  It’s your time to buy when the payment of a mortgage does not rob you of some of the joys of your life.  Owning a house shouldn’t feel like a giant weight around your neck: it should be a joy and reward for making smart financial decisions that work for you!