Borrower Insights Survey for 2023

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Borrower Insights Survey for 2023 The home lending market in 2022 was characterized by extreme fluctuations, and 2023 might witness more of the same.  This survey paints a picture of a challenging landscape in 2022 for borrowers, renters, and lenders, largely due to high-interest rates and the possibility of an

August Inventory Holds Steady; Market Remains 600,000 Units Short

After posting gains this summer, for-sale inventory levels stalled in August growing at a fraction of the rate seen in recent months as sellers are more frequently choosing to remain in their homes instead of moving. 

Elevated Purchase Demand Fueling Housing Market Potential

First American Financial Corporation has released the First American’s proprietary Potential Home Sales Model for the month of August 2022.

Industry Experts Provide Insight on SFR Markets, Inflationary Pressures

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“Demand is weakening on purchase loan applications by about 20%, and new construction is dropping in price as well as existing leases —these are the numbers that really make a difference,” said Tesch. “That’s the reality; we’ve seen numbers way ahead of the norm, which would lead all of us