How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your Home

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Every owner deserves a home that looks and feels personal. It can be tricky to choose the perfect colors and the process can turn out to be lengthy. But there are some tips from expert painters and interior designers that can make the process easier.

You can learn the latest trends and color inspiration that will create the ambiance for every room in your home that you desire. This article is a guide on the way to choose house paint colors that will make a real change in your home.

Whatever your purpose for repainting or painting the interior and exterior of your home, these tips consider the latest trends, ranges, and color ideas that can inspire you to make the right choice of paint colors.

The Room’s Function

Think about how the room will be used. Consider foot traffic and the main activities that you look forward to doing in the room.

If you are planning to use the room for social gatherings, you can choose bold colors that will add exciting energy. When the room is used to unwind, relax, and calm down, softer hues will help bring a more comfortable feel.

Natural Light

The color of each room in your home is affected by the amount of natural light that gets into the room. When you pick a paint color, consider how much light enters the room.

Different light temperatures have different effects. It is best to paint a small spot on the wall and see how it looks during different times of the day when the room receives different amounts of natural light.

Try Out Color Trends

Look through different galleries of interior designers, architects, and real estate companies on the internet for trending paint colors for different rooms in a home.

Pantone, for example, showcases a new “Color of the Year” that you can consider including in your options.

Explore With Your Favorite Colors

If the “Color of the Year” is not attractive to you, you can experiment with different tones of your favorite color.

You can use both the bold and soft hues of your favorite color on specific parts of the room.

Choose a Decorating Style

Add a personal touch to each paint color that you choose for each room of your home by using the colors of your existing furniture to help you pick the paint for the ceilings and walls.

It can be more stressful to choose pieces of furniture that you will need to match the color of your ceilings and walls.

Remember that there is not one perfect decorating style. What’s best for you and what makes you feel satisfied and comfortable will always be different from what others feel.

Get Inspiration

It can be easier to choose a paint color for your home interior when you consider the appliances and furniture in the room that you will be painting. Also, get inspiration from the overall design of your home and the landscape in your home’s exterior.

Considering other previous elements mentioned, like how the room will be used and the amount of natural light, will help you choose the right paint color that will provide the ambiance you are aiming for.

Consider Color Theory

“Color theory is the collection of rules which designers use to communicate with users through appealing color schemes in visual interfaces.”

Consider using the color wheel when you are choosing different paint colors for different parts of a room or for different rooms in your home. The color wheel can help you choose complementary colors and colors that will mix, match, or contrast.

Choose Paints Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Another interesting and fun way to spruce up the rooms in your home is to choose paint colors that are based on your astrological sign.

According to designers, this can “bring peace, energy, and happiness to your life.” It brings your personality into your home painting project.

Consider Color Psychology

You can get more inspiration using color psychology. There are different moods or feelings associated with each painting color.

This is based on the notion that color can play an important role in conveying nonverbal information. It’s important then that you learn what colors mean and what responses they can create.

For example, here are the meanings of the primary colors:

  • Red: excitement, strength, love, energy
  • Yellow: creativity, happiness, warmth, cheer
  • Blue: trust, peace, loyalty, competence

Customize Your Own Color

If you can’t pick the perfect paint color, you can customize your own color by mixing paint colors to get the color that you like.

Paint specialists can help you with creating the perfect hue.

Get Some Paint Samples

It will greatly help if you see how the paint color options look on your wall or ceiling. If you are stuck choosing between two or three different paint colors, you can request paint samples from the hardware or paint store.

Try dabbing each color on a small area on your wall of each room and see how they look.

You can then get a clearer visualization of which color helps you achieve the look and feel that you like for each room.

Consider Paint Finish

After considering all the elements for choosing a paint color, and you have decided which paint colors you will use for your painting project, determine which type of paint finish best fits your ideal outcome.

Each paint finish has its own advantages and application. What you choose will impact the overall look of the room.

The different paint finishes include:

  • Flat: a completely matte finish with no shine
  • Flat enamel (matte): a durable flat, matte finish
  • Eggshell: a slight hint of gloss
  • Satin: a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss than eggshell
  • Semigloss: has a nice subtle shine without being too glitzy
  • Gloss (high gloss): has an almost reflective quality

Paint Colors for Your Home

Make your home the sanctuary you desire with paint colors that evoke the right feelings. These tips in choosing the perfect paint colors for your home will help bring out the best in your personality.

It will help create the right ambiance and aesthetic appeal you like for each room in your home