Borrower Insights Survey for 2023

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Borrower Insights Survey for 2023 The home lending market in 2022 was characterized by extreme fluctuations, and 2023 might witness more of the same.  This survey paints a picture of a challenging landscape in 2022 for borrowers, renters, and lenders, largely due to high-interest rates and the possibility of an

Breaking Down Q3 2022’s Mortgage Market Opportunities Report

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach announced the release of the Sales Boomerang’s latest Mortgage Market Opportunities Report. Despite significant year-over-year declines in mortgage volume, the Q3 2022 report showed an increase in Credit Improvement Alerts—signaling the opportunity for lenders to offer timely advice and tailored financial solutions to prospects with newly improved credit scores.

Fannie Mae: Helping Renters Build Credit

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Fannie Mae has announced the launch of its Multifamily Positive Rent Payment Reporting pilot program, aimed at helping renters build their credit history and improve their credit score. Beginning September 27, 2022, eligible multifamily property owners can share timely rent payment data through a vendor network to the three major credit bureaus for incorporation in the renter’s

The Ideal Conventional Loan Credit Score that Will Save You Thousands of Dollars


A conventional loan is a mortgage that is not offered, secured, and backed by the government. Private lenders and lending companies make this available to potential borrowers who meet the criteria for a conventional mortgage, like a conventional loan credit score. According to Dave Ramsey, it is a more popular