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How to sell your home-Sprint Funding

How to Sell Your Home for the Highest Price

Selling a house can be a daunting and frustrating job, especially when the timing is not right.  There are so many factors to consider so that you will be able to sell at the best possible price.  How to price your home to sell for top dollar sales is one

Real Estate for beginners-sprint funding

Investing in Real Estate for Beginners

It is possible to build wealth through investing in real estate.  With a real estate investment, you can enjoy predictable cash flow, tax advantages, and excellent returns. But you don’t just jump into real estate investment even when you know many have been successful at it without any formal education


The Benefits of Paying Off Mortgage Early

Due to the high costs, people rarely think of paying off their mortgage early. Mortgage payments are usually completed in 30 years as most contracts are set for that long. That is a long time to hold on a debt, and a constant concern for many homeowners. Looking at the

How Do I Prepare For A Successful Mortgage Application?

Preparation is the key to getting a successful mortgage, but not a lot know how to do it. You can try to figure things out yourself, but know that it can become overwhelming and stressful. Fortunately, Sprint Funding have broken down the things you need to do to help you


How to Get Conventional Loan With 3% Down

In 2014, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (federally-sponsored home mortgage enterprises formed by the U.S. Congress) announced a 3 percent down conventional mortgage loan product that was created to make it easy for more people to become homeowners. Those who previously wouldn’t qualify or those who don’t have the necessary